Weekly Links – March 15th

Those of you who have been reading this blog for a while probably know that I have posted a weekly links post each weekend for quite some time now. I’m thinking of changing the format a bit. A few months ago I was posting a new article everyday and then the links post on the weekend. Recently, I have moved to 3 or 4 posts per week (not counting the links post) and tried to increase the time that is spent on each individual post to focus on quality rather than quantity. Since the number of posts each week has been reduced I’m thinking about changing the links post from a weekly feature to a monthly feature. If I only publish 3 articles in a week plus a links post, I’m not crazy about the idea that 25% of the posts are just links. If you have an opinion, please share in the comments. Thanks.

Web Design and Development:

Most Used CSS Tricks from Stylized Web.

8 Premium One Line CSS Tips from CSS Globe.

The Secrets of Grunge Design from Smashing Magazine.

How to Design a Sexy Header for Your Site Using CSS from Woork.

Rethinking CSS Image Replacement from CSS Tricks.

The Secret of Great Blog Designs from BlogDesignBlog.

Noura has added a nice new feature at Noupe that will allow you to submit a link to an article in a community news type of setting that is similar to CSS Globe or CSS Drive.  Be sure to check it out  and share your favorite links with the community.

Graphic Design:

Create an Illustrated Look from a Photograph from PSDTuts.


10 Questions Every Blogger Should Ask Themselves Before Posting from Copyblogger.

WordPress Hacks: Adding a TinyMCE Editor to the Prologue Theme from Performancing.

Social Bookmarking Icons Collection from Web Resources Depot.

Why it’s Important to Use Keywords in Linkbait Titles from Blogging Bits.

Working from Home:

13 Ways to Liven Up Your Work-at-Home Routine from Creative Briefing.

Posts that I Wrote for Other Blogs This Week:

99 Ways to Improve Your Blog at PureBlogging.

Factors to Consider When Pricing Design Services at Most Inspired.

9 Steps to Better Blog Post Ideas at Daily Blog Tips.

Preparing Your Website for Social Media Traffic at Traffikd.

3 Pligg Sites that Don’t Suck at Daily Blog Tips.

101 Useful Resources for Online Entrepreneurs at Blogtrepreneur (this was a joint effort with Adnan. I can’t take all of the credit).

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  • Adnan, March 15, 2008

    Thanks for the linklove Steven (I still give you 99% of the credit though ;) ).

  • Vandelay Design, March 15, 2008

    You’re welcome Adnan. I’m glad we got some good results with that post.

  • Evan Meagher, March 15, 2008

    It’s nice to see some CSS tips that I haven’t seen before a million times. Good links!

  • Dejan Cancarevic, March 15, 2008

    thanks for mentioning me

  • Vandelay Design, March 15, 2008

    You’re welcome Dejan.

    Evan, I’m glad you found some useful stuff here.

  • Noura Yehia, March 15, 2008

    Thanks for adding our News posting feature :)

  • David Airey, March 16, 2008

    I think a change of format would be good. Personally, 25% of your content becoming links wouldn’t be the best route. Every 3 or 4 weeks would be more appropriate.

  • Vandelay Design, March 16, 2008

    Thanks for your feedback. I appreciate it. I am pretty strongly leaning that way.

  • Verne, March 16, 2008

    Thanks for the love Steven!

    I like the idea of reducing the links-to-articles ratio but the one thing that sort of bothers me about monthly link round-ups is that the lists are often really long (or it becomes increasingly difficult for you to pick just the best of the best due to the speed that new content comes out at), and often times by month-end the content that’s being shared is somewhat outdated already (especially for those who may have wanted to participate in discussions on certain articles).

    These aren’t huge inconveniences but maybe something to keep in mind. I think we all appreciate your efforts to continuously improve the quality of material here nonetheless. Keep it up!

  • Vandelay Design, March 16, 2008

    You’re welcome for the link, and thanks for your comments. The lack of freshness is one of the things I have thought about. I think some content is more time-sensitive than others, but this is definitely something to consider. Thanks.

  • Vinh Le, March 16, 2008

    I think it also depends on how much time it takes you to compile the links. If it is taking up too much time that you can be using for writing more articles, then making it once a month might work out better. But if it doesn’t take much time, I don’t see the reason for stopping it just because it constitutes 25% of your posts. I find it useful and thanks for linking me. (Slips 20 bucks over)

  • Bill, March 16, 2008

    Your links are always great and I understand your decision to do whatever you like. To newbies its great to see what the more experienced folks like yourself look at, like and recommend. Thanks.

  • Antonio Lupetti, March 27, 2008

    I also have reduced the frequency which I publish my post on my blog (woork). In general now I publish 3 / 4 post for week but I work to make each post popular on delicious how it happends.

  • Eric, March 27, 2008


    I will really miss weekly links from you. This is one post that I read every Friday. I generally read most of the articles that you link to, including those which you write for other blogs. It’s kind of my “what did I miss this week” post.

    Frankly, my feedreader has several feeds in it because of sites that I picked up on in your weekly links. I know you are leaning the other way, but I’ll miss them.

  • Vandelay Design, March 27, 2008

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, I appreciate it. And thanks for reading many of the links that I have shared. I am still planning on doing a monthly roundup, so hopefully that will be helpful.