Weekly Links – November 2nd

Before we get to the links I want to remind everyone about the group writing project for social media-related articles. You have until November 9th to submit link(s). I’ve received several really good submissions so far and I’m hoping for a lot more. You can get the details and submit a link here. Speaking of social media, Courtney Tuttle has been working on a new social media site for bloggers, which has already generated a lot of interest. You can read about the first day of Blogging Zoom at Courtney’s blog and sign up at Blogging Zoom.

5 Ways to Make Me Your Subscriber from Blogging Bits.

3 Steps to Landing that Freelance Writing Gig from The Article Writer.

Reasons to Have a Vanity Folder in Your News Aggregator from ProBlogger.

Dilemma of Paid Reviews from Interesting Observations.

Monetising StumbleUpon Traffic from PaymentBlogger.

The Importance of Social Media Marketing: Why You Should Learn and Master it from DoshDosh.

How to Price Freelance Projects Successfully from Instigator Blog.

Reduce the Server Load Your WordPress Blog Creates from Blogging Tips.

7 Steps to Be a Creative Genius from Lawrence Cheok.

The Importance of Blog Security from Pronet Advertising.

12 WordPress Editors You Can Choose from Karthik.

Link Baiting: Which Hook Attracts the Right Fish? from Wiep.net.

Blogging Zoom – Social Bookmarking for Bloggers. A review of the previously-mentioned Blogging Zoom by OpTempo.

Steps to Improve Customer Service by Answering Email from ChipSEO.

Social Media to Kill Google’s Search Algorithm? from Blah, Blah Technology.

30 Ways to Improve Blog Readability from Pro Blog Design.

Tips for Optimal AdSense Placement from Mike’s Quarter.

Who is Your Real Audience? from Invesp.

Using StumbleUpon to Connect with People in Your Niche from Caroline Middlebrook.

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