Showcase WordPress Photography Theme

This free theme uses a simple and clean design, allowing you to showcase your photos. With your photos at center stage this theme can help you to attract new clients and gain attention for your work.

Theme features include:

  • 4 color schemes (white, black, light gray, dark gray)
  • Customizable jQuery slideshow on the homepage
  • Portfolio page template
  • Customizable photo galleries
  • Upload your own logo, or just display the site title in text
  • Widget-ready sidebar
  • Threaded comments

Showcase WordPress Photography Theme

For photographers that want a simple design and layout to let their photos steal the show, this theme is an excellent option. You can set up the hompage slideshow to showcase the photos of your choice. Change the photos any time, and even choose from different transition effects.

Each blog post and page can include a featured image that will be shown across the top of the post/page (screenshot lower on this page). WordPress’s custom navigation menu features is also used, so you have full control over the links that are included in your navigation menu.

This theme was designed by Vandelay Design and coded by our friends at PSD to HTML Experts. If you need PSD to HTML coding or PSD to WordPress coding, check out what they have to offer.

Scroll down to see the alternate color schemes.

Documentation for the theme is available here.

View the theme demo | Download for free

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Alternate Color Schemes:

Showcase WordPress Photography Theme

Showcase WordPress Photography Theme

Showcase WordPress Photography Theme

Example blog post with featured image

Showcase WordPress Photography Theme

Example portfolio page

Showcase WordPress Photography Theme

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19 Responses

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  • BestWPThemes, June 8, 2012

    Like the simplicity of the theme, I think a lot of photographers will love this theme :)

    • Steven Snell, June 8, 2012

      Thanks! We wanted it to be simple to keep the focus on the photos.

  • Is this a responsive theme that will adapt to fit mobiles?

    • Steven Snell, June 11, 2012

      No, it’s not responsive. We may start doing some free responsive themes in the future, but it kind of depends on the level of interest that we get from these initial free themes. The responsive themes will take more time to design and develop, which is ok as long as they are being put to good use by our readers/visitors.

  • Jhonathan B, June 11, 2012

    Nice theme, thanks for sharing

  • Wtfmeme, June 12, 2012

    Huge fan of simple designs Thanks :)

  • Ally, July 27, 2012

    Hi! I can’t get the Home button to like with the main homepaige??

  • Ally, July 27, 2012

    I meant link!

  • Steven Snell, July 27, 2012

    What is your URL? Did you create a home page with the “home” template and set it as the static front page in the WordPress settings?

  • Ally, July 27, 2012

    I figured it out! I had changed something with static page earlier and I hadn’t realized what it did. But thank you!

  • Ron, February 14, 2013

    I am really enjoying setting up the Showcase theme on my new WordPress site. I am in the process of transitioning my site from html/flash to WP. I’ve sampled literally dozens of photography themes and I like yours the best. The logo and favicon import feature is brilliant! Wondering if I could ask a couple of questions?

    How can I get a page title to NOT appear on that page? So, for instance, when I click the About menu item, it goes to my About page but does not show the word ABOUT?

    How can I have a menu item that is NOT a link, but rather is just the parent for nested child menus that do link to gallery pages? Example would be I want to show three galleries of Landscape photos, Yosemite, Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, for instance. I want them to be nested under a menu heading called Landscapes, but Landscapes is just a menu heading and not a link to anything.

    It looks as though the maximum number of photos per page is twelve, after that you get a second page. Wouldn’t be such a problem but it seems that the pop-up lightbox only shows the 12 photos on that page, forcing the website visitor to have to close the pop-up AND click to the next page to continue. Kind of a turn-off to visitors.

    Would also be nice if I could change the thumbnail size and make the space between them a bit smaller.


    • Steven Snell, February 14, 2013

      Hi Ron,
      If you want page titles to not appear you would have to edit the template files. You could edit the page.php file to remove the title or create a new page template to use on pages where you don’t want the title to appear.

      I think all items in the menu have to be links. I’m not sure that WordPress’s custom menu feature allows you to add items that don’t link somewhere.

      You would also have to customize the theme to make the changes that you are asking about the gallery page. It’s not intended to allow you to re-arrange the layout of the thumbnails on the gallery page, so you would need to make that change in the coding of the theme.

  • Ron, February 14, 2013

    One more question about galleries: How can I order/re-order photos in a gallery other than to add them sequentially in the reverse order I want them to appear?

    • Steven Snell, February 14, 2013

      Hi Ron,
      You can edit the date/time of publication to re-order photos that have already been added.

  • Ron, February 14, 2013

    Hi Steven,
    Thanks for your quick replies. Made the change to the page.php file by rem-ing out the page title code as you suggested. Works great!

    Speaking of code, can you point me to the location of the code for the page title/header font that appears if I don’t use my own logo file? I would like to edit it to match the menu font. Thanks.

    • Steven Snell, February 14, 2013

      Hi Ron,
      The font is “Copse” and it is available from Google Web Fonts. It is referenced in the style.css file and the header.php file.

  • Ron, February 14, 2013

    So just to be clear, to change the default header font, I would need to modify BOTH the style.css and the header.php files?

  • Ron, February 14, 2013

    Disregard the header question, I’ve decided to make my own logo in PS. But I would like to pursue attempting to change some parameters of the galleries. I’m no css coding expert, but I’m willing to jump in and try anyway! There are 3 things I’d like to try to change:

    *Number of thumbnails per page to at least 12, or unlimited, scrolling down the page.

    *Reduce border/padding space between thumbnails.

    *Pop-up lightbox viewer shows all items in gallery, not just items on current page. (This would not be necessary if number of thumbs on page was increased or unlimited.)

    Thanks for all the help!

  • Steven Snell, February 28, 2013

    You can change the number of posts to display from the WP settings and that will set the number of photos that are shown. The other items would require customizing the theme.