New Design and Some Weekly Links

We’ve just launched a new design for our website and blog. The new design is fairly simple and intended to allow readers to focus on the content without being distracted. The home page (of the website, not the blog) includes some pictures from our portfolio. Also, we’ve added the FeedBurner count to the sidebar. If you’re reading this in a feed reader, please stop by and leave some feedback on the new look. Here are some links for this week…

10 Lessons in Blogging Learned on a Shopping Expedition from ProBlogger. Darren makes some interesting comparisons that you should be able to use right away in your blog.

Google Proxy Hacking: How a 3rd Party Can Remove Your Site from Google’ SERPs from SEO Fast Start. A must-read article about surprising issues with Google’s index.

Accepting Money Online from Reality Hosting. This article covers the different ways to accept payment from online customers and provides some valuable information if this is something your trying to figure out right now.

Writing for Search Engines 101 from ContractWorker. Rico gives some good pointers for creating pages that will draw search engine traffic.

WordPress Themes for Free Backlinks from TheAnand’s Ripples. Anand shares his experience with releasing a WordPress theme and the effects on his in-bound links.

Secrets to Creating a Successful Viral Campaign from Invesp. If you’re thinking about using a viral marketing campaign (or attempting one), be sure to read Khalid’s article.

10 More Things to do When You Have Nothing to Blog About from SlyVisions. If you’re struggling to come up with topics to write about, check out Sly’s suggestions.

Fixed vs. Fluid Layouts from Patrick Burt. This article covers the differences between the two different styles of layout, with the advantages of each.

Here are links to some guest posts that I had published this week.

Writing Guest Posts vs. Writing for Your Own Blog at Average Joe Blogger.

The Long-Term Approach to Blogging at Blogging Tips.

5 Keys to Better Networking at Freelance Folder.

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  • Dallas Texas, August 25, 2007

    Your site looks great and easy to read.

  • Vandelay Design, August 25, 2007

    Thanks for your feedback, it’s appreciated.

  • Jon - FreelanceFolder, August 25, 2007

    woah, looks really good! Nice and clean, easy to read, I like it :)
    and thanx for the link too!

  • TheAnand, August 25, 2007

    the orange could have been a bit more darker. but thats the css edit only. yes, The blog is much easier to read :-)

  • Vandelay Design, August 25, 2007

    Jon and Anand,
    Thanks for your comments!

  • Gyms & Health Clubs by Aaron, August 25, 2007

    The new homepage looks great- it’s clean and very effective.

    I read the seofaststart article about the proxies… that’s scary stuff. Thanks for the heads up!

  • Sly from, August 25, 2007

    Thanks for the link! By the way, I have redesigned my website as well. Check it out and leave some comments.

    Sly from

  • Average Joe Blogger, August 25, 2007

    I like the new design. Very well done!

  • Vandelay Design, August 25, 2007

    Aaron, Sly, and Average Joe,
    Thank you very much for visiting and leaving your feedback on the re-design.

  • John P, August 26, 2007

    Really nice web design!

    Clean, clear and effective. Good work!


  • Vandelay Design, August 26, 2007

    Thanks for the comments!

  • Columbus Ohio Web Design, August 30, 2007

    I really like your site! I came here because it reminded my of Vandelay Industrys from Seinfeld. Great branding, I’ll never forget your name.

    LOL, Brad

  • Vandelay Design, August 30, 2007

    Thanks for visiting and for the comments!

  • ses5909, September 2, 2007

    The design looks very nice, well done.

  • Vandelay Design, September 2, 2007

    Thanks for the feedback!

  • Felix Ker, September 2, 2007

    Simplicity! I’ve got totally no problems browsing around!

  • Vandelay Design, September 3, 2007

    Thanks for the comment.

  • Mattie, October 30, 2007

    Really Helpful Resources

  • Kevin Hall, November 19, 2007

    The best part about your design is the user is the user friendlyness. One thing i would like to suggest you is make your footer links center aligned, i am sure the design will look more professional.

  • SearchSAHomes, December 4, 2007

    Nice layout and great links. Keep up the great work.

  • The website is really attractive, easy to use and effective.