10 of the Leading WordPress E-Commerce Plugins

Recently we published a post that showcased many of the best WordPress e-commerce themes. If you’ve been thinking about using WordPress for an e-commerce website you may be wondering which e-commerce plugin is the best fit for your needs. There are several different options available, and in this article we’ll look at 10 of those options. Hopefully this information will help you to find the plugin that is best for your project.

WP e-Commerce

WP e-Commerce is one of the plugins that has been around and has been popular for several years. Before many of the other e-commerce options for WordPress existed WP e-Commerce was on the scene. The plugin itself is available as a free download, with a variety of upgrades and add-ons available for purchase. WP e-Commerce includes features like flexible coupon codes and discounts, control over shipping calculations, product and category RSS feeds, multilingual, support for multiple currencies, PayPal and Google Checkout integration, one-page checkout, admin dashboard for sales overview, basic inventory control, and much more.

WP e-Commerce


Jigoshop is another long-standing e-commerce plugin for WordPress users. Jigoshop is also available for free download with premium themes and extensions that can be purchased. The themes will help you to get a professional-looking site without the normal costs associated with having an e-commerce site designed and developed. The extensions of added functionality, such as different payment gateways, marketing enhancements, and more. Some of the extensions are offered by 3rd party developers.

Features of Jigoshop include order management, a customer account area, inventory tracking, product import/export, discount codes, related products, control over tax and shipping charges, product search, and more.



WooCommerce, from WooThemes,  is another extremely popular e-commerce plugin. One of the biggest benefits of using WooCommerce is that the selection of premium themes that are available to purchase. WooThemes of course sells their own themes that are ready to use with WooCommerce, but there are also a number of third-party themes that have been developed to integrate with WooCommerce (you can see many of these themes in our recent post 40+ of the Best WordPress eCommerce Themes).

WooCommerce can be downloaded for free, with extensions available for purchase. WooCommerce features include sales reports, control over shipping and tax charges, a customer account area, order management, product and inventory management, coupon codes, and more.



Cart66 offers a free version and a professional version with a few different license options available. The free version includes the basic e-commerce features like order management, promotions, control of tax and shipping charges, support for multiple currencies, customizable email reports, and more.

Cart66 has a few features that I think make it a unique plugin and possibly a better fit depending on the needs of your specific project. The professional version offers support for recurring payments and membership access. Also, both the free and the professional version allow you to sell products from any page or post. The professional version integrates with the popular Gravity Forms plugin, which can open up a lot of possibilities as well.



Shopp is a premium plugin that has been around and has been one of the more popular e-commerce plugins for several years. A single-site license is available for $55 with unlimited developers plugin for $299. Features includes things like coupon codes, control over tax and shipping, related products, RSS feeds, grid and list view, order management, email notifications, integration with many payment gateways, and more.



eShop is a free e-commerce plugin that has been downloaded nearly half a million times. It includes features like multiple product options, basic stats and sales data, shipping and sales tax options, configurable email templates, basic inventory control, and more.


YAK for WordPress

YAK is a free “shopping cart plugin for WordPress which associates products with weblog entries.” It supports both pages and posts in products, and customizable purchase options. Additional features include order management, configurable shipping, basic sales tax support, sales reports, promotions, and more.



Ecwid offers e-commerce widgets for several different content management systems, including WordPress. The Ecwid WordPress plugin is available for free download, and it integrates with your social profiles, such as your Facebook page or profile. The free plan includes all of the standard e-commerce features, and paid plans are available starting at $15 per month. Paid plans add features like discount codes, volume discounts, and inventory management.


Easy Digital Downloads

If you’re looking for a solution to sell digital products, Easy Digital Downloads is a great option. It was creating specifically for selling digital products, so it won’t include extra features that you have no use for if you are not selling physical products. It’s a free plugin with extensions and themes available for purchase. One of its biggest advantages is the simplicity, but it also includes features like discount codes, user purchase history, sales reports, file download log, and more.

Easy Digital Downloads


WPdeposit is a premium plugin that has been included on this list because it offers a unique alternative to the other e-commerce plugins. With WPdeposit you can sell credits, basically the same way stock marketplaces like ThemeForest, iStockphoto, and other stock sites sell prepaid credits. Customers then use the credits to make purchases.


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  • Internet Buff, February 11, 2013

    I’m always surprised that someone would use a plugin for ecommerce rather than setting up a dedicated store using something free like OpenCart.

    • Steven Snell, February 11, 2013

      Internet Buff,
      In some cases a user may want to just sell a few products on an existing WordPress blog or site. In other cases the user may be more familiar with WordPress and would rather continue to use it rather than learn a new system. Another possibility is that the site needs some functionality that is possible with WordPress that is not possible with some other system. Ultimately, no option is right for everyone, it just depends on the situation.

  • Toqeer, February 11, 2013

    Great List Of WordPress Plugins To Use.
    I Have A Few Of Them But Now I Am Going To Check Them All.

  • Vipin, February 11, 2013

    I agree with Steven, there is no option that can fit to everybody’s requirement. Using a wp plugin on a running wordpress website is the best option to make it an ecommerce store instead of setting up all the things from scratch.

  • dalvir singh, February 12, 2013

    plugins are a big factor in wordpress theme and there are so many plugins make s your development easy with wordpress
    and plugins you given are realy good and use full.

  • ululf01, February 18, 2013

    Great thanks !
    Very useful pack of plugins.

  • Sixthlife, February 21, 2013

    The right theme with support for the plugins can give a state-of-the-art eCommerce website for those who can’t wait :)

  • Retro Edge, March 5, 2013

    Some great plugins here, a couple I’ll definitely be checking out!

  • JohnB, March 18, 2013

    Some of these plugins reviewed are just plain bad. $49 for USPS, $12 for pay pal, X$ for this, X$ for that, many have ONE tax rate and it’s either ON or OFF.

    Product variations, some have none, are you kidding me?!!

    The companies who are charging for their plugins often have bugs and issues, (Judging by the forums), and seemingly little initiativen or incentive to rectify the problems. If I’m paying someone for a software package, it better work. The first time.

    When I was programming for clients, a bug or two here and there was UNACCEPTABLE! It had to be perfect.

    Some of these companies are just plain greedy.

  • Dermot, April 2, 2013

    Surprised that one of the best plugins – tribulant shopping cart isnt mentioned. Some of those listed above went out with the dinosaurs

  • Flick, April 15, 2013

    Thanks for the list. Would be grateful if the next edition of the review could include a low-down (pros/cons) to make it even more comprehensive.

    For instance, I recall that some of the dinosaurs were criticised for being clunky to customise; some charge for extensions that one feels should fundamental to an eCommerce site; and whether such plugins offer support (if so, is it email/paid?) and last but not least, if there are any target audiences.


  • Saravana, April 30, 2013

    Need to check if how transactions happens using wordpress e commerse.

  • Even, May 20, 2013

    Hi, I want to share you with a very special eCommerce plugin: ColorShop, which has a powerful ajax attributes filtering and sorting system. And its themes here: ColorShop Themes
    I think someone may like this plugins.

  • Article716, May 26, 2013

    wp e commece is my first choice to setup an e commerce website with wordpress blog, thanks for sharing this useful information with peoples. thanks a lot sir.

  • James, May 27, 2013

    these are great options to consider. i have been considering using a a plugin like these for a sometime on my wordpress blog, so thanks for the ‘narrow’ down. Excellent options to consider!

  • Bize, June 3, 2013

    Thanks for the k

  • Bize, June 3, 2013

    Thanks for the list. We’ve been using WordPress for years now for several sites. We’ve also setup several shops using Magento and Prestashop. Tried a popular e-commerce
    Plugin with wordpress 2 years ago but there were too
    Many limitations. A new basic shop is coming uo, will give one of these a shot. Hope I will be pleasantly surprised by the development in the last years.

    It would help though if there would be a pro and cont of the different e-commerce
    Plugins indeed. I think some are outdated too. Thanks for the effort though mentioning most of the plugins.

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  • collins, June 10, 2013

    What a wonderful list, i was actually looking wordpress ecommerce plugin and themes but am satisfied with what i saw here, good job

  • collins, June 14, 2013

    great list of ecommerce plugins to choose from, good job, wordpress and plugin creators has made everything possible to build online store with just plugins

  • Otobong Archibong, June 17, 2013

    Hello, please do you have any idea how I can create a phone price list page in my wordpress blog with their pictures etc, it doesnt necessarily have to be a shop. Thanks, please do get back to me

  • Simon, June 30, 2013

    Great list of ecommerce plugin, except one thing
    you didn’t include Ready! Ecommerce http://wordpress.org/plugins/ready-ecommerce/
    I’m the developer of this plugin, so I’m really interesting why don’t you include it in the list? Is there’s something wrong? Or it’s just was the 11, so it’s not in the list? :)

  • Joey Beninghove, July 17, 2013

    Thanks for including Cart66 in this list! We actually just launched our brand new Cart66 product, Cart66 Cloud with a ton more features, including built-in recurring billing and memberships with all of our 50 payment gateways. Check it out here: http://cart66.com

  • Alpesh, September 7, 2013

    Cart66 is not ready for primetime and likely never will be. It is dead simple to use, but it really lacks basic functions, has odd bugs, things like shipping rates break and take forever to be addressed and the documentation is a joke.

    I am actually looking to push the three sites I built with it to a real solution. Highly recommend you stay away.

  • Joey Beninghove, October 17, 2013

    Hi Alpesh,
    Sorry to hear you had trouble using Cart66. Which version were you trying to use Pro or Cloud? We’d be happy to help you with any troubles you had if you could shoot us an email to support@cart66.com.