Seven Things Your Business’s Website Must Have

1 – Your Own Domain Name Some free website hosting services, such as geocities and tripod, will provide you with a free domain name that is an extension of their domain. Any business that hopes to have a professional internet presence should purchase its own domain name. They can be purchased from for less […]

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Why Use CSS-Based Design

The goal is to harness the benefits that make the technology powerful from a design standpoint: less code, increased accessibility, and easier maintenance, to name a few. Dan Cederholm from Bulletproof Web Design (page vii) Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) allow for the designer to separate the content from the design. A CSS-based design allows the […]

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What Makes A Website Search Engine Friendly?

Search engines view websites completely differently than humans do. To a search engine this page looks like this: The same appearance of a website can be achieved with a number of different coding methods. Some are more effective for search engine rankings than others. Simply by looking at a website in an internet browser it […]

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