21 Ways Your Audience Affects Your Design

If you look around at websites that are well-designed and are effective, you’ll see that the target audience of a website has a profound impact on the design of the site. Obviously, different audiences prefer different types of websites and they will also have different needs.

The term user-focused is commonly thrown around. In this article I’ll take a look at a number of different ways (in no particular order) that the audience of your site will affect they way it is designed. This is an attempt not to be all-inclusive, but rather to show just how many ways the audience of a site can impact its design.

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Building Your Website On A Solid Foundation

This is a guest post by Alan Johnson, find out how to build a
profitable website in 10 days over at TheRatingBlog.com

Are you excited about a certain idea of yours and think that there’s absolutely no time to waste? Are you eager to get started and see results? Well guess what, most webmasters out there choose the same approach and let’s just say that their results are nothing worth bragging about.

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Secondary Results of Social Media Success

Social Media Marketing is attractive for several reasons, including loads of free traffic and the increased exposure that comes along with it. However, achieving success with the major social media websites can produce many other results as well. Most of them are positive, but not all. Here is a look at what you should be prepared for as a result of hitting it big.


The most popular submissions on major social media sites including Digg, Reddit, and del.icio.us are displayed on popurls.com , which has a significant amount of traffic itself. So, if you are fortunate enough to get thousands of visitors from a particular social media site, you may also get hundreds or more from popurls. In a few cases I have received almost as much traffic from popurls as I have from del.icio.us on the day that a particular blog post made it to the del.icio.us front page.

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Stepping Up Your Skills: Areas for Continual Improvement as a Web Designer

Being an effective web designer requires developing a number of different skills. Not all of these skills are limited to the technical and artistic aspects of web design. Communicating with clients, project management, and promotion are all important as well.

Freelancers and designers that work for small firms typically have to wear many hats, and being well-rounded in design and business is almost essential.

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Data Security: 29 Services and Techniques to Backup Your Hard Drive

Web designers, especially those who work from home, need to have a system in place to back up their hard drive on a regular basis. Unfortunately, this typically becomes a priority only after a disastrous loss of data has already occurred.

There are a number of methods to go about backing up a hard drive, and there are almost countless online services that can help you with this task. Some are free and others charge on a monthly or yearly basis. Personally, I would stay away from free services. If your data is important enough to backup continually, isn’t it worth paying a few dollars a month for a better service and peace of mind?

In this article we’ll take a quick look at some of the leading options for backing up your hard drive online, as well as link out to a few tutorials for doing things on your own. Many of the services listed here are extremely similar. Most offer automatic backups at time intervals that you can set and adjust. Free trial offers are very common, and they have been listed here whenever possible. Some of the free trials don’t even require you to enter any credit card information until after the trial period is over. In a few cases, I could not find prices on their website, which makes me a bit leery. The services and prices are most likely competitive, but with so many other options available, I doubt I would ever sign up for a free trial of a service not knowing what the full service will cost on an ongoing basis.

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Weekly Links – February 16th

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How Frequently Should You Change Your Blog's Theme?

Some of the biggest decisions bloggers face involve their blog theme. Should you change your theme? Should you pay for a premium theme or a custom theme? What should you look for in a new theme ?

With so many free themes readily available (especially for WordPress users) you could literally change you theme everyday if you wanted to. While the availability of themes is a major plus for WordPress users, it can also make some of these decisions more difficult.

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20 Specialty WordPress Themes

One of the primary reasons that WordPress is the platform of choice for most bloggers is the incredible variety of themes that are available for its users. With thousands of existing free and premium themes to choose from (and plenty of designers willing to create custom themes), there is no need to settle for a one-size-fits-all solution.

There are a growing number of specialty WordPress themes available that have been designed for specific industries or for specific types of websites. These specialty themes in combination with the CMS capabilities of WordPress provide businesses, website owners, and bloggers new and improved opportunities to quickly and easily build and manage an effective website with substantially lower costs than just about any other option.

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