12 Print Magazines for Web and Graphic Designers

There’s obviously no shortage of content online for web designers, but the offline content is frequently overlooked. There are a number of print publications that cover various topics that are relevant to web and graphic designers. Here is a look at 12 magazines that may interest you.

.net Magazine

.net delivers cutting edge practical advice on the full range of topics essential for today’s web builders: design, development, sales, marketing, usability and accessibility, information architecture, security, copywriting, advertising and more. It is read by people who are serious about the commercial application of the internet.”


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200+ Photoshop Brushes for Light, Sparkles, Glows and Glitter

There are unlimited possibilities when working with lighting effects in Photoshop. A number of designers have created custom brushes especially for various sparkles, glows and glitter. In this post you’ll find links to over 200 free brushes that you can download to reduce the amount of time spent on your designs and to produce some excellent results.

Glow Brushes – 11 brushes

Glow Brushes

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Having a Long-Term Purpose as a Freelance Designer

Freelance designers are often so focused on the present and the immediate future that a long-term career plan is non-existent, or at least under appreciated. What needs to be done in order to complete that big project? Where will the next client come from?

Many don’t want to deal with the stress and unpredictability of freelancing forever. Without a long-term plan you may earn a decent living, but down the road you’re likely to find yourself wishing you had been more prepared. Some freelancers are comfortable enough in their careers that they would like to continue to freelance for the foreseeable future. Others would like to eventually expand their business and limit the amount of client work that they must do.

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7 New Sites for Designers that are Worth a Look

One of the great things about the design industry is that there is always plenty of information available and a number of great resources are at your disposal. Recently there have been a number of noteworthy site launches. Here are 7 new sites that I think you’ll appreciate.


My friend Noura Yehia of Noupe just launched DevSnippets, a code snippet gallery, a few days ago. It provides a great opportunity for designers and developers to share their work and for others to enhance their projects and learn something new. Also, there is a huge contest to celebrate the launch ($4,600 in prizes going to the top submitters).


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Signs that a Website is Underperforming

Every website will need at least some occasional analysis and maybe a few tweaks to keep it performing as it should. Fortunately, there are some typical signs that can indicate trouble and less-than-stellar performance. All of these items can be fixed or improved in order to give the site a boost and to generate better results.

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Communicating with Indecisive Clients

Web designers will get to work with all different types of clients. While that’s one of the nice things that keeps the job from getting too monotonous, we also have to be able to communicate effectively with people who are coming from a variety of circumstances.

Some clients will know exactly what they want and they’ll communicate it to you clear and up front. Others will struggle to give much input on your ideas and they may have difficulty making certain decisions about the direction of the project. From my experience this is much more common among clients who just don’t have much knowledge of web design or how websites need to function. If you’re dealing heavily with small businesses this could be a big portion of you clientele.

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25 Examples of Creative Navigation

In addition to being one of the most significant influences on the usability of a site, navigation menus also allow designers an opportunity to get creative and add some interesting and attractive visual elements to a site. Of course, in some cases the creativity can hinder the usability of the site, but in many cases appearance and functionality can work together.

I have compiled a collection of 25 sites that use navigation more creatively than just the standard menu. These sites have been chosen based upon their appearance and there may be some that are not up to par on usability. The idea is to get your creativity flowing, but remember the importance of usability and accessibility when creating your own navigation.

Kevin John Gomez

Kevin John Gomez

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10 Excellent Sources for WordPress Design Inspiration

CSS galleries and collections of inspirational designs are nothing new to designers, but sometimes you may be looking specifically for examples of great WordPress themes. Whether you’re working on a theme to distribute to others or if you’re building a custom theme for your own site, it can sometimes help to look at examples of what others have been able to do with WordPress

We Love WP

The best, most up-to-date gallery for WordPress sites and blogs. We Love WP has been around for over a year and they have a ton of designs for your inspiration (in June they passed 1,000). And of course, you can also subscribe to their feed.

We Love Wp

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Win a Free Premium Theme Courtesy of WooThemes

Chances are you’ve heard about WooThemes in the past few weeks or seen their advertisements on design-related sites and blogs that you visit. Well, here is your chance to grab one of their high-quality premium themes for free. They have kindly offered to give away a free theme to one of our readers.

Here’s how it’s going to work. If you would like to get your hands on a single-user license to your choice of three popular themes (ProudFolio, Vibrant CMS, or Fresh News) leave a comment on this post stating why you would like to win the theme or what you would do with it (please, something more than “I want it.”). On Sunday (August 3rd) I’ll use Random.org to choose a random comment number as the winner. Please leave a valid email address where you can be reached so I can get in touch with you if you win.

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