Tutorial: Set Up a Client's Site to be Editable with Cushy CMS

If you design websites for clients you know that most clients these days want the ability to update the site themselves. Fortunately, content management systems make this possible. However, depending on the types of clients that you work with, you may find that sometimes going with a full-feature CMS is overkill for a client that only needs to update a few pages.

Each client has there own unique needs, and there may be times when you come across someone who is not interested in anything fancy, but they want a small website that will allow them to change the content of pages.

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WordPress Tutorial: Category Trick for WP 2.7

A lot has been written about the recent release WordPress 2.7, and I think most WordPress users and developers understand that this release adds some significant features that open up some new options for theme development. I did a little bit of experimenting with one of the changes and I wanted to write a brief tutorial that demonstrates a real-world situation for taking advantage of a new feature.

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December's Best: This Month in Web Design

2009 is almost hear, and that means it’s time for the last monthly roundup in 2008. This month’s edition includes links to a wide variety of design and development-related blog posts, and some inspirational resources as well. if you’re looking for a good roundup of all of the best content from the past year, see Noupe’s 2008 Most Popular Design Posts, Tutorials and Resources.

Web Design and Development:

10 Ways to Cut Down Web Development Time – Six Revisions

How to Make Your WordPress Title Tag SEO Friendly – WP Recipes

8 Useful WordPress SQL Hacks – Smashing Magazine

Top 29 Free UX Tools and Extensions – UX Booth

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35 Excellent Church Websites – Part Two

Several months ago I published 50 of the Best Church Websites, which has been one of the more popular posts on the blog. Since I published that collection I’ve come across many other noteworthy church sites, so I thought I would add a second post on the topic.

For those who never work on church websites, these are great sources of design inspiration in general. If you do work on church sites, I’m sure you’ll appreciate these as well.

College Park Church

College Park Church

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