5 Steps to Becoming a Better Blogger

All bloggers have room for improvement. Obviously, those who are new to blogging will typically have more to learn than those who have several years of experience, but we can all benefit by improving in these 5 areas.

1. Know What Your Readers Really Want.

Successful blogs satisfy their readers. In order to do so, you’ll first need to know specifically what it is that your readers want from you. You should have a good idea of what subjects and topics they would like to see you cover, as well as how frequently they would like new content to be added. Each audience will also prefer certain writing styles or types of posts.

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21 Factors that Influence the First Impression of Your Website’s Visitors

When a new visitor comes to your website for the first time an initial impression will be formed pretty quickly. A good first impression will drastically increase the chances of that visitor returning again, and a bad first impression will be difficult to overcome.

This list looks at 21 factors that will influence your visitor’s impression within moments of arriving at your site. These are just some of the factors, not a comprehensive list. Feel free to list some others in the comments that you think should be included. Here they are, in no particular order.

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Writing for Multiple Blogs

Many bloggers either own multiple blogs or they write for others as well as their own. Those who aren’t writing for other blogs are missing out on a great opportunity to gain exposure and network with influential bloggers. For a few months I was posting 5-6 times per week here and writing 4 or 5 guest posts per week. Currently, I write fewer posts for other blogs, but I do still write at least one per week. Through this experience I’ve learned some things that I think can help others who are looking for other writing opportunities.

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Redefining Your Purpose

I believe most of my readers who are bloggers or online marketers have been online for several months or longer. When you started your website/blog you obviously started it for a reason. Maybe you wanted to make money. Maybe you just wanted to share your thoughts and opinions with others. Have you stopped to think […]

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The Effects of Creative Blog Content

In recent years the rise in popularity of social media websites has paralleled the rise in popularity of blogs. Search engine optimization (SEO) used to be the primary way for websites to draw traffic. Now social media optimization (SMO) has the potential to draw far more visitors very quickly, whereas with SEO there is going […]

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Who is the Focal Point of Your Design?

Many times during the web design process the focus gets lost. Sometimes we try very hard to create an impressive visual appearance. Other times too much priority is given to designing for search engines. While an attractive design and search engine optimization are both important, ultimately the design should be created for the user. Nine […]

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