What Are the Best Sources of Design Community News?

In the design blogging niche many sites are starting to post community news sections where readers can submit a link to one of their own posts or to someone else’s post that they appreciate. In fact, this is a feature that I included when I launched DesignM.ag because I like the idea of getting others involved and helping to spread the word about great content.

I think community news feeds are probably a love-it-or-hate-it thing. The down side is that with a number of them in the design community much of the “news” is repetitious from one site to the next. Of course, if the best and most interesting content is being linked to, it’s natural that there is some overlap from one site’s community news to the next.

Fortunately, if you’re not into the community news, most blogs aren’t including this in their main feed (or they exist primarily for news and you would have no interest in the site to start with). But my intention with this post is to look at several of the popular sources for design news and to quickly give you an idea of what is posted there. Hopefully this will help you to identify a few sources that you’d like to follow, and maybe some that what be a good fit for submitting your own content.

If you’re looking for a list of sites where you can submit your news, Thomas has published two posts at CSS Leak that will give you what you want: 19 Websites to Promote Your Design News, and 11 Websites to Promote Your Design News – Part II. For the purposes of this post, I’m using many of the sites on Thomas’s lists, but not all of them. I’m also not including niche social media sites like Design Float and Design Bump. While I do like social media sites, the focus of this post is on those sites where news is posted with no voting to determine what gets promoted to the front page.

CSS Globe

CSS Globe was the first community news site that I was familiar with, and the news at one point made up the entire website. Alen later starting publishing his own articles as well. Submissions are displayed very prominently on the site and there are several thousand subscribers that get all of the new updates. Alen does a good job of making sure that only quality submissions get published. If I had only one news site to follow, this would be my choice.

Examples of news that has been featured recently:

Script & Style

Chris Coyier and David Walsh launched Script & Style in July specifically for the purpose of a creating a strong community news site. There are also some original tutorials published there, but the vast majority of posts are news submissions. Script & Style seems to be growing nicely and there are plenty of posts every day.

Examples of news that has been featured recently:


The user-submitted news at GoMediaZine is excellent for graphic design and Photoshop-related content. My only gripe is that there are just six links posted in the sidebar with no link to archived user-submitted links. There is, however, and RSS feed that will help you to stay up-to-date.

Examples of news that has been featured recently:

Fuel Your Creativity

Fuel Your Creativity displays the ten most recent links prominently in the sidebar with descriptions, and past links are visible from the archives. He links posted here are very diverse, including just about anything that would help or inspire a designer. At FYC I found several new posts in the community links that I had not already seen somewhere else.

Examples of news that has been featured recently:

Loon Design

Loon Design prominently displays 13 recent links with descriptions in the right sidebar. In my opinion, the news section here is one of the more attractive in terms of presentation.

Examples of news that has been featured recently:

TUTS Family

All the sites in the TUTS family, PSDTUTS, NETTUTS , and VECTORTUTS , display user-submitted links in the right sidebar. There are nine links shown in the sidebar and a separate feed for the news submissions. It’s not really possible to see the older links unless you go to the submission page. Most of the links focus on Illustrator and graphic design, making it one of the more focused news groups that I’ve seen.

Examples of news that has been featured recently at VECTORTUTS:

Examples of news that has been featured recently at PSDTUTS

Examples of news that has been featured recently at NETTUTS

My Ink Blog

My Ink Blog focuses on graphic design and seems to be growing nicely. The community links are displayed in the sidebar, fairly high on the page. There is a feed to subscribe to, but I don’t see any way to access the news archives. Links cover a variety of topics related to web and graphic design.

Examples of news that has been featured recently:


Stylegala has a public news section that reaches its large audience. The links here seem to be fairly unique and not all of them are appearing at other community news sites. Both the feed and the archive are available.

Examples of news that has been featured recently:


Noupe is quickly becoming one of the largest design blogs around. Noura added the news section a few months ago and it has been very active since. Submissions appear on the front page, but not on individual posts. The archive is available but there is no feed for news submissions.

Examples of news that has been featured recently:

CSS Creme

CSS Creme is a web design gallery that also includes a community news section. Eight recent news items are shown with descriptions in the sidebar. There is a link to the archive, but no news feed is offered. The submissions seem to be well-rounded, but many of the same items as at other community news sites.

Examples of news that has been featured recently:

CSS Leak

CSS Leak is another gallery that also includes community news. There seems to be a few more unique links here than at some of the other news sites. Both archives and RSS feeds are available.

Examples of news that has been featured recently:

CSS Drive

CSS Drive is one of the more popular design galleries. Only approved individuals can post news, but there is currently an announcement on the site looking for new submitters. By using only specific people to post the news there is a bit more variety and less of the same links that you find everywhere. Additionally, you can vote news submissions up or down, although it will not affect its position on the page like it would with social media. Both a feed and archives are available.

Examples of news that has been featured recently:

CSS Elite

CSS Elite is another popular design gallery with a news section. Ten recent items are shown on the front page, and almost all of them are items that I have not seen at other news sites. There is a link to the news archive, but not feed.

Examples of news that has been featured recently:


Sharebrain shows ten recent news submissions with descriptions in the sidebar, and there is also a link to the category archive to see older submissions. I noticed that several of the items at Sharebrain had also been submitted to DesignM.ag.

Examples of news that has been featured recently:

Smashing Apps

Smashing Apps shows 5 news items with descriptions high on the right sidebar. There is a link to the archive but no feed. Some of the submissions are new to me, and others I have seen everywhere.

Examples of news that has been featured recently:

CrazyLeaf Design Blog

CrazyLeaf Design Blog shows 10 recent links with descriptions in the right sidebar with a link to the archives easily accessible. Links cover various aspects of design and many of them are the same links that are on other news sites.

Examples of news that has been featured recently:

Freelance Folder

Freelance Folder added a community news section to the blog a few months ago. Eight recent submissions are shown in the sidebar with links to the archive and to the feed. Many of the links will be design-related, but some will focus on other types of freelancing or web work.

Examples of news that has been featured recently:


Knowtebook is a site that I’ve been seeing a good bit recently. The news at Knowtebook is show with descriptions in the right sidebar. Again, there is a feed to subscriber to but no way to see the archived news.

Examples of news that has been featured recently:


The community news on DesignM.ag is one of the major sections of the site. On the front page there are 15 recent entries listed, and on individual posts there are links to 10 entries in the left sidebar.

Examples of news that has been featured recently:

What Are Your Favorites?

Where do you like to get your design news?

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