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Review of the Best Font Managers for Your Own Usage

I’m sure you have already found a way to optimize your work with fonts, and that you are absolutely happy with your font management app. But wait a minute, why you are reading this post if that is the case?

Just let me guess…you want to compare your solution with other apps or, maybe, like many designers you’re still working without a font management app and cluttered drop down lists of fonts are your reality. Oh man, you should fix it!

Windows users, have you noticed that every new version of Windows brings hundreds of standard fonts. Here are some stats:

  • Windows XP: 133
  • Windows Vista: 191
  • Windows 7: 235
  • Windows 8: 400 +

You don’t even use all of these fonts. Working with huge font lists is terrible.

Everyday we noticed that 24 hours is not enough time in the day. We need more extra time to work, to rest, to spend with our family and loved ones. That’s why we are trying to optimize our working process. Without an effective font management system you are wasting your precious time.

There are a huge number of font management apps, and I’ve tried a lot of them. So, let’s start talking about their pros and cons.

Suitcase Fusion 4

Suitcase Fusion 4

License: $99.95 for Windows and $99.95 for Mac.
OS: Mac OS X Mountain Lion (10.8) and Windows 7

Suitcase is a super font manager for creative persons, but still it is a very professional app. It allows you to compare fonts side-by-side. Also this font storage has some plugins for work with Adobe Creative Suite 5-6 QuarkXPress (for font auto activation).

Suitcase Fusion 4 makes your life much easier. You can organize your fonts in sets, cool previews and searches will save your time. More features: web font is enabled (WebINK and Google Web Font connections), you can detect and repair bad fonts (FontDoctor ) and find similar fonts (QuickMatch). There is a full-trial-version for 30 days. Just try it :)

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