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14 Useful Android Apps for Photo Editing and Design

Graphic design and photo editing are increasing in popularity, in part because of the tools and apps that are readily available. It seems like just about every other person has a semi-professional camera hung around their neck with which they take pictures throughout the day, but even if you are not one of these people you probably take photos with your smartphone. With the photography and photo editing apps that are available you don’t need expensive equipment.

We took the liberty of cooking up a list of color palettes applications and photo editors available to Android users from the Google Play Store. With the applications are provided their original descriptions for your convenience. Check out this list of fifteen photo-editing tools for your mobile.

Color Palette Apps:

Image Color Picker

“Use your Android to detect a color that inspires you. It’s easy to take color inspiration from a photo in your library. Just touch a point and you can get color information.”

Image Color Picker

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