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Which Magento Solution Suits You Best: Community, Go or Enterprise?

Having made an entry into the realm of eCommerce not so long ago (in 2008), in its brief stint of less than 5 years, Magento has already made a mark for itself and is now owned by eBay. With a proven track record and an impressive list of solutions, Magento can build small, big or gigantic web stores effortlessly. There are a number of e-stores of various magnitudes already functioning on it. Its flexibility as a CMS is wider that most eCommerce platforms.

While it goes without saying that it will do justice to your web retailing needs, the big questions is which plan offered by Magento would suit you the most?

Considering that its target group is a variety of business owners and enterprises, Magento has charted out three distinct plans. Let’s take a look at those three options.

Magento Go

It’s particularly designed for small business providers to create fully equipped online stores quite easily and fast. You don’t need to worry about installing any software or administering any servers. It’s armed with a set of powerful tools to take your business to the next level. Magento Go is for those who want an eStore, without knowing the technology.

Magento Go

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