25 Beautifully Colorful Websites – Part 2

A few months ago I posted a collection of beautifully colorful websites, and I wanted to follow up with 25 more sites that provide excellent inspiration when working with colors. The 25 sites displayed here use a wide variety of design styles, but all make effective use of color to create a fabulous look that leaves an impact on visitors.

For more inspirational design galleries, see:

Global Oneness Project

Global Oneness Project



Fusion Books

Fusion Books

Kingsfield Church

Kingsfield Church

Mostly Lisa

Mostly Lisa

ActionHead Studios

Actionhead Studios

Knoxville Tourism and Sports Corporation


Habitat for Humanity Youth Programs

Habitat for Humanity



Family Vacation Survival Guide

Family Vacation Survival Guide

Cottonseed Oil Tour

Cottonseed Oil Tour





Casio Exilim Lab

Casio Exilim Lab

Svilen Dimchevski

Svilen Dimchevski

Radu Cueca

Radu Dueca

Springtime in Tennessee

Springtime in TN




FreeAgent Central





Navigant Consulting

Navigant Consulting

Outsource Czech

Outsource Czech

The Wombats

The Wombats

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57 Responses

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  • mothership, May 13, 2008

    I quite like a few of them, which is strange for me. Colourful is very easy to go overboard with or get totally ‘wrong’ and the majority of colourful sites do this. It’s great to see a collection of sites that get it right!

  • Pasquale, May 13, 2008

    Cheers for the feature!!

  • Fubiz, May 13, 2008


  • Shanna, May 13, 2008

    another great list!! Thanks for putting these lists together.

  • Lisa, May 13, 2008

    Definitely websites that my eyes are drawn too. Keep up the great work!

  • Mepho, May 13, 2008

    Nice group of websites! Keep up the work~!

  • Pierce, May 13, 2008

    Thanks :)

  • Kelly, May 13, 2008

    A very nice group. I especially like Cottonseed Oil, Sharpcast, and Radu Cueca. As Mothership said, colorful can easily be too much. These are bright and cheerful, but still restrained enough to be appealing to a wide audience. Well-chosen!



  • Alen, May 14, 2008

    Amazing collection, Steven!

  • Bagrep, May 14, 2008

    I want one of those..sigh..in my dream..haha. can never achieve that kind of look. so wonderful..

  • Louie, May 14, 2008

    Moshimonsters will nicely fit this category. :)

  • adelle, May 14, 2008

    Nice selection you have here!

  • exfatguy, May 14, 2008

    That is some great web design templates. Wish I could hire someone to do exactly like those sites. Anyone?

  • Warren, May 15, 2008

    thanks for posting these. Always nice to find some new inspirational design.

  • JD, May 15, 2008

    Beautiful Websites.
    So many web designers are using great fresh color in their graphics designs.

  • Nastya Manno, May 16, 2008

    This excellent compilation of inspiring sites. Thank you very much!

  • VeraBradley, May 16, 2008

    Honestly, i dislike a website that uses too many different colours. I’m not sure how many percentage of visitors are like be, but a uniform and clean webpage that uses less than 5 colours stands out better in terms of legibility and professionalism.

  • zohai, May 16, 2008

    Some of it really is great but some are too colourful and to my dislike. Eg: Casio Exilim Lab

    But using multiple colours surely won’t make a person bored and gains the audience’s attention. And it caters to the younger generation IMO

  • traveler, May 16, 2008

    fusion looks great! nice simple stylish!

  • Eshop, May 16, 2008

    I would pink Mostly Lisa’s page the best because i has a blue eyed girl picture in front that is most probably Lisa. hahaha

  • The Bloggers Times, May 17, 2008

    Great man. Keep posting more and more for new bloggers like me.

    Thank you.

  • GLICH (www.glennong.com), May 17, 2008

    I love those colorful sites! How I wish it was just easy to implement them in mine…

  • seo, May 18, 2008

    Oh my..It is so beautiful. How I wish I can design something like them..

  • HostV, May 19, 2008

    Always nice to find some new inspirational design.

  • HostV, May 19, 2008

    Wish I could hire someone to do exactly like those sites. Anyone?

  • fatsgone, May 19, 2008

    Wow so colorful! Kind of psychedelic and makes my head spin. Agreed, too much color is not a good thing. But when done with restraint, it an be a very potent source of attraction to potential viewers.

  • Ant Sir Pest, May 20, 2008

    Awesome post! I like seeing sites that use alot of color, but don’t look corny or overdone. Very nice list. Thanks.

  • Alex, May 21, 2008

    Great article, thanks a lot for taking the time to write it!
    Good compilations like this one make browsing the web more interesting :)

  • loans, May 23, 2008

    so beautiful the website, can learn the style they use to design my own, nice post…

  • anggi, June 2, 2008

    nice list.. very inspiring :D for our new redesign

  • adelle, June 6, 2008

    these are very tasty choices!

  • Jad, June 8, 2008

    thanks for this list of amazing designs:D i guess they’re very inspiring and helpful for every designer

  • Aaniat Khalid, July 1, 2008

    I want to make my own website with colorful and stylish backgrounds. That site would be all about me and my relatives and my family.

  • Marisa, July 7, 2008

    Great list. Thanks!

  • Karan Goyal, July 27, 2008

    Really a great collection. I wonder how you find them :). Really motivating designs. Seems like I want to redesign all my sites since they look crap :) compared to all these.

  • WOW…those are really top of the line designs. I really love them. Designing web page like those are really exceptional.Thanks a lot for sharing.

  • bala, July 18, 2009

    You need to have great patience and true love and passions for unique designs, congrats

  • andrew, August 14, 2009

    WOW… I really love them. those designs are so beautiful. thanks

  • Orlando Web Design, November 29, 2009

    Loving these colorful creative designs. Everyone should have a colorful website like these ones! Keep em coming

  • Yashveer, January 13, 2010

    a great collection of websites…. websites can be made to look d=good with a few colors too…. thanks

  • natalie elaine, March 28, 2010

    hi~ i like your designs…

    just curious…can these be used in all blog sites??

  • Web Design Kalamazoo, September 3, 2010

    Fusion books is my favorite design out of all of these.