Everything You Could Possibly Want to Know About Social Media

Thank you to everyone who submitted post(s) to this group writing project! There are over 50 articles here that I’m sure anyone can learn from. Some focus on a particular social networking site while others are more general.


Mob vs Smart Mob: 7 Reasons Why StumbleUpon Traffic Is the Best on the Planet
by Tad Chef
Do you think Digg or Reddit is the place to go nowadays? Never used StumbleUpon until now? You should, both as a user and a webmaster. Users get highly relevant content that matches their preferences, that’s the way of social browsing.

Using StumbleUpon to Connect With People in Your Niche
by Caroline Middlebrook

A lot of people use the SU toolbar just as a discovery tool, and that is of course what it was designed for so there’s nothing wrong with that. But behind the toolbar lies a Social Networking tool that sometimes goes unnoticed.

Blog Resources Online: Increase Traffic With StumbleUpon
by Neena

StumbleUpon is a great resource for discovering new sites. But it can also be used to drive traffic to your site. Find out how to utilize StumbleUpon to its full potential.

My Love Story With StumbleUpon
by Wayne Liew

I wandered off to another service which I find as interesting as or maybe more interesting than Del.icio.us but have a nicer layout. I found my love, StumbleUpon!

17 POWER Tips For StumbleUpon Beginners
by Dr. Mani

Infopreneurs need more traffic, more visitors to see the information they have created or compiled. StumbleUpon has MILLIONS of interested users. They want more information. They are waiting to hear about you. Here are 17 powerful ways you can let them know.


Here’s what happens when you get on the front page of Digg
by David Airey

A tongue-in-cheek look at how Digg traffic does have its negatives.


Why I Love Sphinn
by Marco Richter

Part of my series “The 25 Best Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Blog” about sphinn.com, which is still kind of new, but rising social platform concentrated to articles no internet marketing for targeted traffic to get from there. – Submitted by Marco Richter


5 easy ways to get bookmarked on delicious and become hot
by Mohsin

Every blogger dreams of getting bookmarked by tons of people and making it to the front page of popular bookmarking sites like delicious. So, without further ado, here are five ways to get more of your posts bookmarked, and open the gates to some long term and steady traffic


Big Juicy Twitter Guide
by Caroline Middlebrook

This is a 7 part guide to Twitter which I think is an often overlooked social media service.


Facebook’s ad weakness: our “friends” are not our friends
by Dave Walker

Over the last 16 hours or so, there has been much hue and cry over Facebook’s new ad platform. Many commentators cry “I won’t shill for Coke” or “Don’t tell me what me Facebook so-called-friends are reading”. Fine. I won’t tell you about this excellent band I just found. Do you care if I don’t tell you?

Why Aren’t You On Facebook Yet, Grampy?
by Jon

While #1GF! and I were sitting around the table talking to her friends and their seventeen year old daughter, the following conversation took place…

10 Articles to Get You Started With Facebook
by Jon

After you sign up with Facebook, you spend more time than you expected poking around and kicking the tires. Once you get through that stage, you’ll begin to wonder just how to make Facebook work for you. These 10 articles should help to get you on your way.

Second Life:

Deconstructing Second Life
by Jason Falls

So you think the hip new place to be is Second Life? Hey, 8.5 million users can’t be wrong, right? Think again. A quick look at the Linden Lab-reported monthly stats and you’ll find just .5 million actives.


Jango: Putting the Social Into Internet Radio
by Fred

This is a review of the new social Internet radio site Jango.


FitFiend: Social Networking For Fitness Enthusiasts
by Shannon Nelson

FitFiend.com is revved up to be the new leader in online fitness social networking. Designed to cater to the fitness fiends in all of us, the site provides a platform for members to search for fitness professionals, network with each other for tips and motivation, connect with fitness partners to help stay on track with goals, rate and find gyms and other fitness related facilities, and find out about fitness events in their area.


IQONS: Social Networking For The Fashion Industry
by Shannon Nelson

With so many social networking sites beginning to dominate the internet, it’s about time there was noe that had one main focus to bring people with the same interest together to connect and network. IQONS is to fashion what MySpace is to music. Created by Rafael Jimenez and Suran Goonatilake with co-mentor Diane Pernet, they bring experience to the table that will see this new social networking site blossom.


Photographers Have A Social Networking With Dripbook.com
by Shannon Nelson

Whether you are a makeup artist, photographer, painter or designer, an noline portfolio community has just launched to give you a space on the web to not only set up a clean, professional and rich online portfolio of your images, but to also give your work more exposure and a great way to network with like-minded industry talent.


Interviews with Peopleized
by Adam Donkus

Peopleized is a site that allows you to network with others by conducting interviews and being interviewed. Interviews which can then be published no both interviewers and interviewees sites.

General Social Media:

Choose Your Audience: The Uncaring Social Media Crowd Or Your Loyal Readers?
by Mohsin

If you are new to bogging, you know the pains you take to get others to respond to the content you create with so much love. The lack of audience is sometimes discouraging and makes you wonder why in Holy Ghost’s name did you start a blog?

Stop Link Building, Links != Traffic
by Tad Chef

Do you think that link building is the most important part of SEO nowadays? You may be right if you refer to SEO as search engine optimization for Google. In this SEO world you get your links, Google assesses them and sends you traffic after a while if all of your site is optimized and you target the right keywords.

The Real Rules of Social Media Marketing Unmasked!
by Tad Chef

Glen inspired me. He wrote down, among other, some well known rules of social media marketing. As I do not abide by any rules beside my own and disagree with many of those I rewrote them so that all of you out there know what’s really going on in social media.

Social Bookmarking v Story Submission for Self Promotion
by Caroline Middlebrook

Scenario: You are an Internet marketer and you have a whole bunch of websites, blogs, articles etc that make you money. You wish to promote these in order to develop backlinks and drive traffic. I am not talking about the kind of self promotion where you literally promote yourself as a person, such as via a personal blog like this one. I’m talking your non-public earning websites.

78+ Super Web 2.0 Marketing Tools
by S. Kumar

9 Unseen Benefits From The New Web 2.0 Marketing Flavor! Did you notice the sweeping changes happening on the online business scene? Web 2.0 Marketing is slowly taking control over the traditional means. It’s growing and Web Marketing 2.0 can’t be ignored anymore.

Social Media Sites Are Not About Traffic
by YC

Too often we spend time on social media sites to gain traffic benefits. But there are actually better and more powerful advantages to using them.

Social Media Optimization
by Simon Ward

An article about creating content that is optimized for social media environments.

Social Media Networks: Entering the Third Dimension of Connectivity with Web 2.0
by Maya Norton

We are entering a golden age of social media networks enabled by Web 2.0. In thinking extensively about it, I have come up with a paradigm to describe our current place in history: the Third Dimension of Connectivity. Explaining the Three Dimensions– The first dimension is personal. The second dimension is public. The internet extends the second dimension by putting the public persona online, and the social media networks of Web 2.0 mark the third dimension. I also posit that the fourth dimension will be a combined public/private domain in which users create identities for interaction in an artificial world. (This sounds more confusing then it is, keep reading.)

Cause-Based Viral Marketing: How Your Nonprofit Can Maximize Social Networking Tools
by Maya Norton

Nonprofit (and profit) organizations can use viral fundraising to promote the reach of their organization, the power of their brand, and the impact of their cause by using existing social network technologies. For a simple analogy, think of viral marketing along the lines of gossip. Tell one family member about a new boyfriend or girlfriend and you can guarantee a distant cousin you haven’t heard from in months will be calling within days. Your mother tells your aunt, who tells your uncle and cousins, who tell your grandparents, and on. Soon everyone knows. Viral marketing follows the same exponential principle: direct contact with 10 people will lead eventually lead to a thousand. The key is to use an established networking platform so that your organization can do the basic promotion and the proficiency of the application will do the rest.

3 Common Mistakes in Using Listservs: Maximizing Time, Value, and Energy Among Users
by Maya Norton

Tips for maximizing user friendliness (and avoiding common mistakes) with listservs for effective use in social networking. 

Introduction to Social Media and Social Media Marketing
by Tibi Puiu

A basic introduction to Social Media (SM) and Social Media Marketing (SMM), explaining in plain English what exactly those “phenomenons” are, how to use them and how to profit from them. It’s excellent for newbies, but provides some insightful info for those already familiar with them.

What is social media?
by Gary Moyle

An overview of social media, how it differs from traditional media and some key examples of social media applications.

What You Can Learn from My First Social Media Success Story
by Karthik

My recent post on 12 WordPress Editors that you can choose over the default WYSIWYG editor was one of the posts that took me the longest to write, simply because it involved quite a bit of research. I would have to thank Monika for recommending Windows Live Writer to me, that got me wondering if there were other editors too – which culminated in the post. It all began with Maki submitting the post to Sphinn. The rest, as they say, is history.

Beginners guide to Social Media
by Peter Newsome

I have attempted to break-down the Social Media sites into what I consider to be appropriate categories – Social News, Social Bookmarking / Tagging, Professional Networking, Social Networks, Question / Answer Networks, Photo Sharing, and Video Sharing. There are many other Social Media sites out there, but this should at least give you a fairly solid introduction to the Web 2.0 world.

Link Building – What they don’t tell you
by Peter Newsome

The best content in the world isn’t going to do you much good if no one knows your site exists.

7 Reasons to Embrace Social Media
by Peter Newsome

Some good reasons to get involved in the social media scene

8 Creative Ways to Use Social Media for Your Job Search
by Jacob Share

An offbeat list of how to make the most of the top social media websites for your job search.

Use your avatar to build brand awareness
by David Airey

Don’t overlook the importance of your avatar, and try not to change it too often, as it can help your branding when consistent across many social media platforms.

Why Networking Socially Beats Social Networking Every Time
by Jason Falls

Friend folks on Facebook, shout on Digg, beg for Stumbles, @ on Twitter … social network all you want, but here’s proof that networking socially (i.e. getting off your butt and out from behind your computer) will grow your blog (or your business) more effectively.

Why Advertising Will Not Win The Battle Of Social Media
by Jason Falls

Jeremy Pepper says advertising will win the battle for social media from public relations. Social Media Explorer doesn’t agree because the social media community won’t let it.

Gaming The System Or Web 2.1?
by AdTracker

An article discussing the growth of social madia alliances.

Social Networks – Have the eggs become the chicken?
by Jamie Oastler

I came to the realization of why Facebook bothers me – It has no focus – Facebook is for everyone. I join digitally-based communities all the time, but each noe has a target audience or concept in mind. This post explores the social network landscape today and how / why the future of this concept is important.

The One and Only Rule for Social Media Marketing
by Dave Walker

Social media seems to bring out statements like “let’s spread our brand virally” or “blogging will drive traffic to our web site”. I’ve talked with marketing people who see SMM as just another channel to promote their brand and are not treating it like a brand new communication channel that has its own set of rules. And they are missing the one and only thing they must know about social media marketing.

Is SEO dead? Search traffic vs. social media traffic
by Dave Walker

The last year has seen a pretty radical change in how web sites are getting traffic. Social media is changing the face of web traffic, and a business that is social media savvy is going to do a lot more, and better, business that companies that rely on Google searches.

If Content is King in SEO, It Rules The Universe in SMM!
by Jeannette Cezanne

My niche in the search engine world is content. I’ve spoken about it at conferences and written about it in articles. And I’ve always advocated the importance of content in doing good SEO, in making sure that results stay around. But social media marketing is different – and content is *even* more important there. This blog article talks about why — and how the reader can leverage it in his or her marketing campaigns.

How to Be Social
by Dustin Coates

A primer no how to increase web presence through the use of social media.

Did you know that some social media users won’t call you a spammer?
by Karen Zara

Not all social media users will hate you if you promote your own content to them. In fact, some are pretty approachable and may be interested in your links, as this article shows.

OpenID to pave way for Web 3.0?
by Wayne Smallman

Some time ago, I tried OpenID. The end. Well, not quite. But I did manage to get an account set up with them, despite the trials & tribulations I went through at the time, and due in some part to the intervention of noe of their support guys. The thing is, something like OpenID is needed now more than ever. But a few changes would need to be made to make OpenID relevant for todays very social web…

Social Networks: immersive 3D worlds
by Wayne Smallman

There’s something inherent in the trust we bestow no someone when after a time of anonymity, we finally get to see their face. Think of the number of people you know on the ‘Net and you know neither their real name, nor what they look like. Yet we often trust these people implicitly. But if you met someone in person and they gave you a false name, why would then not trust them?

Do You have a list of your Networks page?
by Adam Donkus

If your involved in Social Networking you most certainly belong to many different networks. Why not create a page that lists all your networks so that others can add you to the networks that you may have in common. Do you have a networks page?

Resources for Submitting to Social Networking News Sites
by Elmer Thomas

If you are a frequent submitter to social networking news sites, then this resource is for you. Following is a list of resources that will make your social news networking experience easier.

Build Your Own Social News Site With Free Tools
by Elmer Thomas

If you would like to build your own social news networking site where users can vote no content, then these tools are for you.

Social News Networking Comment Trackers
by Elmer Thomas

Part of social news networking is interaction via commenting. If you are a regular submitter/commenter to multiple services, this can get tedious. I have rounded up web services to help make that process easier. There are not many, but you should find what you need here.

Using Social Media in a Product Launch
by Jim Tobin

Conventional wisdom about social media marketing includes a few truisms, among them:
1. Social media marketing is a slow, steady burn, 2. It’s hard to turn social media marketing all the way up, like you can with a big ad buy or a big PR push, 3. Social media marketing isn’t about selling, it’s about talking about the topic and hoping sales will gravitate to you.

Did Target Steal Our Social Media Marketing Playbook?
By Jim Tobin

Back in August, we wrote a post about how Wal-mart’s latest social media marketing campaign was inherently flawed. We predicted that it would, once again, blow up in the retail giant’s face. (Note to the folks in Bentonville: Let Edelman focus on the traditional PR. Give us a call on the social media marketing stuff, k?)

Thanks again to everyone who contributed. I’m interested to hear everyone’s thoughts on this collection. I would be open to doing this again with another topic, so if you have any suggestions please leave a comment.

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