20+ Bold Business WordPress Themes

If you’re in the business of web design, chances are you’ve come across a client that needs a website for their business. You’ll get clients from all walks of life but some clients can just be straight up boring. Many designers aren’t jumping up and down to work with the construction companies, lawyers or medical supply shops. We like to work with the fun stuff like bakeries, creative agencies and clothing stores.

The reason is because most traditionally bland businesses enjoy the traditional and bland website. You end up making something lots of blues, lots of boxes and tons of text. So what happens when you don’t want to say no to a client that fits this profile but you also don’t want to say no to creativity? Well, you meet in the middle.

And that’s exactly what we’re doing today. We’ve gathered more than 20 WordPress themes that add some flavor to the typical business website and can be used no matter the industry. Let’s jump on in.




Aside from this theme being amazingly customizable, Divi is just an all around beautiful theme. Sure it’s pretty simple but there’s beauty in the details such as the reveal of images, the headers and so much more. This is definitely great for the client that wants to live a little but doesn’t want to stray to far away.




Nimble immediately shows you how bold it is by choosing some really bright and attractive color schemes. There’s also large and sometimes animated headlines that really draw attention to what’s being said. This theme is definitely edgier than most business themes.




Vertex features a very modern and responsive design great for any type of company. Again, it’s very clean but is jam-packed with tons of features of add some uniqueness. The fonts and picture treatments are small details that make this theme worth it.




While most themes are use bold headings and clors, InStyle thrives off bold photography with a full screen image background. This theme allows you to immerse your audience into whatever you want them to see.




Single page websites are definitely all the rage for some businesses who need a pretty simple website. The problem is, most of them have taken on their own typical shape. This iOS7 inspired theme creates a whimsical one page website with some bold shapes and styles.




Do.Biz is a wonderful theme that fits for almost any type of business. You can create a header that has parallax scrolling or video. They also have a customized lightbox that takes on the color scheme of the theme. This is a very clean theme that packs a lot of punch.




It’s very easy to tell the difference between a website that was put together and one that was carefully crafted. This single page theme was obviously carefully crafted and is amazing. With flat color design, parallax scrolling and other cool features, this theme could be for you or your client.




Mobera was created to be a site design for mobile apps, but I believe it can be used for what you’d like. The design is wonderful and jumps out at you. There’s also an  option for a layout with a side menu, which makes things even more interesting.




The intention of this theme is obviously to be the choice of corporations and businesses. There are many sections to this site, all of which are well designed from the fonts and even the icons. As a bonus, it also has a drag and drop editor to make building sites easier.




You may have a client that wants to get into some eCommerice. If so, this is definitely the bold theme for them. From the headlines to the layout, this one just works. It’s not your typical, super clean look, but it’s still very modern and interesting. It’s a nice pick for a business that’s catering to a younger audience.


Wider Grid


If you are looking to get away from the typical layout of business themes, this one is a great option. Right away, the difference layout draws you in and the grid with varying images keeps you there. It’s not made for lots of heavy text, but can be great for someone who needs to show off a lot of images.




Anchorra is for the client that wants something modern but doesn’t want something boring or outdated. Anchorra doesn’t really jump off the page, but it represents businesses well thanks to the design styles and cleanliness of the theme




When you need something that’s clean and simple, but gets to the point and still has some flavor, you should choose Mint. This one doesn’t come with a ton of bells and whistles, but it just works. From the color scheme to the typography, it’s just an elegant and wonderfully put together theme.




Stylish is a theme created a lot to mimic the look of the bold Windows 7. With multicolor boxes and a fun animated header, this theme is one to make an audience’s eyes wide open.




Again, this is a dream that is built on simplicity. The details on this one make it elegant and beautiful. It doesn’t scream at you, but it definitely makes you pay attention. With the right color scheme you can make this the same even better.


David & Goliath


This is a steal of a theme and here’s why: There are tons of options to create any kind of website you want whether it be for an e-shop or gym and the design is just amazing. There’s nothing this theme can’t do.




Swatch is a Bootstrapped, flat-color and long-shadow web design. It’s as functional as it is trendy with so many page layouts as well as eCommerce capabilities. If you are looking for something bold and trendy, Swatch is probably your best bet.




Full screen image websites are always bold and breathtaking because they essentially emerge you into their brand. Chiba2 makes it possible for businesses to do just that with this WordPress theme. They take the full screen website and also add some great design to it to make it perfect for businesses.




If you are seeking to do something other than the predicatable, Vor is the theme for you. With bold colors, bold layouts and bold parallax effects, Vor is without a doubt outside the norm. The best part is that it is still usable and not just focused on creating an aesthetic site.




Reveal is another theme that took some cues from Windows 8, but they flipped the idea on it’s head. The bold, multi-colored them is perfect for businesses who have something to say. The utilization flat color and great typography make this theme a certified star.




It’s really hard to make horizontal websites and horizontal themes. However,Gazelle took that preconception and smashed it. This is obviously more of a visual theme, but will come in handy for creative agencies and the like. If you want something bold and unique, try Gazelle.


Moving Forward


The makers of the Moving Forward theme like to introduce it as a theme with character. This character is a bold, in-your-face one that let’s it’s working do the talking. Moving Forward is absolutely fresh in it’s spin on what makes a good website.




The purpose of being bold is to submerge your audience into whatever it is you want to show and tell them. Realm is a great example of a website that does that in one beautiful page.




When you do something different like use diagonal lines and other shapes instead of rectangles, then you automatically catch the eyes of an audience. The makers of Flamingo obviously knew that and used their unorthodox shapes to create something new.



The point of it all is that you don’t have to be cookie cutter in order to have great business. As a matter of fact, the more you let your own creativity shine, the more a client will stick around. Getting started with that process is as simple as picking a theme from above.

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